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Sep 24 2011 @ End of Summer Fest (Eberswalde)
Last train to Transcentral - Sep 23-25th at the Wolfswinkel Paper Factory (Eberswalder Str. 31, Eberswalde). Free entrance - performances, live acts and DJs - actions start in the afternoon until next day - bands: Sarsaparilla and Tyran Tyran on Friday, Earthkisser (didgeridoo), us, and Mind on Saturday, DJs kept secret! We play at 8 pm - Flyer
Sep 21 2011 @ Ex'n'Pop (Berlin)
Confus goes west! We play at the legendary Ex'n'Pop (Potsdamer Str. 157, Schöneberg) with Bialla - free entry - shows start at 10 pm - Flyer
Aug 26 2011 @ Ruimte Festival (Amsterdam)
DIY festival on the ADM site (Hornweg 6 - Amsterdam, NL) on Fri/Sat/Sun Aug 26/27/28th, with plenty of bands, performances, installations, workshops... see the full program - Flyer
Jul 30 2011 @ Winterfest (Drenkow)
It never rains in Southern Mecklemburg.
Jul 15 2011 @ Schokoladen (Berlin)
House party at the Schokoladen (Ackerstr. 169, Mitte) - live acts during the whole week-end - free entrance! - Fri and Sat from 6pm, Sun from 3pm. We play on Friday together with: ampl:tude, mOck, syn*error, Radio Burroughs, and Sheef. We play in the cellar at 9pm! See the full program - Flyer
Jul 9 2011 @ ZGK (Berlin)
Soliparty for the Boedi9 house at ZGK (Scharnweberstr. 38, Fhain) - with Trocken Brot (punk hc), Batalj (exp noise trash punk), S.i.m. on kor Funkle (breakcore), Charlie Sensation (tek hardtek), Yvan Volochine (harsh noise), and Lain (speedcore). - Flyer
May 13 2011 @ Rauchhaus (Berlin)
Soliparty for refugees at the Rauchhaus (Mariannenplatz 1A, Kbg) - with us, Budyet and then techno party with Audio Is Guilty, Schmitzkatze, Taman, and D:Coder - We play at 10pm! - Entrance: 3 € - Flyer
Apr 8 2011 @ About Blank (Berlin)
SOLJANKA - Soliparty for the southern collective at the About Blank (Markgrafendamm 24c, Fhain) - from 5 pm: exhibition by the Czentrifuga and other members of the collective - 10 pm: concerts with Confus, Nerf, Budyet, and Fake Mistress - afterwards: party until next day with a bunch of DJs! - Entrance: 6 € - Flyer
Feb 24 2011 @ MS Stubnitz (Hamburg)
FINITO! Winter's last concert evening on the MS Stubnitz (Hamburg, Baakenhafen) before the ship goes back to Rostock. With us: Grand Prédateur (punk noise math metal), Combineharvester (experimental psychedelic), and Tötkolben (loeten um zu toeten), preceded by the Impronellis (improvisation circus).
Jan 22 2011 @ Liebig 14 (Berlin)
ANTI-EVICTION FESTIVAL for the Liebig 14!!! From Jan 17th until 30th 2011 - 14 days of actions in many places in the city! On saturday Jan 22nd, street parade followed by a party in the house at Liebigstr. 14, with Confus - among others! We should play somewhere around midnight. More info on - Flyer - Festival poster
Jan 08 2011 @ Trickster (Berlin)
Confus and Budyet play together at the Trickster (Oberbaumstr. 11, Kbg) for a panic rock session celebrating the Trickster's birthday! Before us, readings and food starting at 6 pm. As always at the Trickster, don't be late: Gigs from 9 pm to 12 pm! Flyers
Dec 25 2010 @ Onkel Otto (Hamburg)
--- LAST MINUTE --- Confus goes North! We play with Budyet and Hamburger Abschaum at the Onkel Otto (Hafenstrasse).
Nov 26 2010 @ Rauchhaus (Berlin)
Soliparty for Bogotrax 2011 at the Rauchhaus (Mariannenplatz 1A, Kbg) - with us: Budyet (noisy twang punk), Corrupted Files feat. P-AEK (hip hop industrial), Beatxo (Dubstep), S.T.H. (DnB), The Tunk (Techno Punk), Parataxia (no-skool darkened beats), LT (Breakcore) - visuals by X-Tractor - street art and photo exhibition - Food from 7:30 pm! Flyer
Nov 20 2010 @ Fischladen (Berlin)
Soliparty for the burned home sweet home at the Fischladen (Rigaerstr. 83, Fhain) - with Aniaetleprogrammeur and DJ André - live shows start at 9:30 pm (no joke) - Flyer
Sep 17 2010 @ Czentrifuga (Berlin)
Opening party for the silkscreen exhibition "Bataille !" at the Czentrifuga (Mariannenplatz 21, Kbg). Doors open at 7pm and we play at 9pm! Flyer
Aug 27 2010 @ Datacide+Cagliostro, Knochenbox (Berlin)
Cagliostro meets Datacide meets Knochenbox at the Theaterkapelle (Boxhagener Str. 99 - Fhain). Two floors: talks and experimental acoustic & electr(on)ic stuff upstairs from 4 to 11pm, then tons of electronic acts downstairs from 11pm until next day - See video player! - Flyer
Jun 21 2010 @ Musik braucht Freiräume, Convoi (Berlin)
2 pm - 10 pm: Live acts and DJs at the Convoi (Rigaer 6/7) with Cyberise Soundsystem, Djangolassi, Cyclown Circus, (Conf)us, Marie Rottenova, Met, R2D2, Rat-C, TaOuch, Yaya, Assak, El Greco + special guests - at 10 pm: Nachttanzdemo from the Convoi to ://about blank with talks + The Tunk - at midnight: After-fête-Fete @ ://about blank (Markgrafendamm 24) with All Frequencies Elekroniks, Cyberise + Friends - Free entry - more info at musikbrauchtfreiraeume - Flyer
Jun 04 2010 @ Check Bounds Festival, Stattbad Wedding (Berlin)
3-day festival with exhibition and tons of live acts: Guts Pie Earshot, Fantazio, Le Singe Blanc, Dead Sexy Inc., Yann Keller & Jan Schlaeger, El Gusano Rojo, Lain, among many others - more info at Check Bounds - Flyer
May 01 2010 @ Myfest - street concert (Berlin)
We'll play at the Bullenwinkel (haha) in Kreuzberg (the little square by the end of Naunynstrasse) for the Myfest 2010! Diverse Universe Festival with plenty of live bands, performance acts, DJs and more... We play at 4pm! More info at Diverse Universe and Myfest - See video player!
Mar 27 2010 @ Vetomat (Berlin)
Rockin' Basu - Vetomat (Scharnweberstr. 35, Fhain) - Soliparty for a dog called Trash! - Food, short films and animation movies, Confus and then DJs - Food starts at 8pm, rest follows - Free entry and cheap drinks - Flyer
Mar 13 2010 @ Rauchhaus (Berlin)
Antirepression Soli - Rauchhaus (Mariannenplatz 1A, Kbg) - Tekno, Dubstep, Acid & more... with Rat-C (D'n'B), Ranzfanz (Tekno), Riots in Acid (Acid), Curzio (Hardtek), TaOuch (Hardtek), Mateo (Hardtek), KUF (Dubstep)...and Confus as only live band! Guess what? We play first - Door opens at 9pm with Vokü, shows start at 10pm - Entry: donation - Flyer
Jan 30 2010 @ Liebig 14 (Berlin)
ANTIRÄUMUNGSFESTIVAL Liebig 14 - from Jan 28th until Feb 6th 2010 - 10 days of concerts, infopoints, performances, pyro, exhibitions, workshops, cabaret, actions, dance, readings, installations, fire barrels, movies, puppet shows, chidren actions, theater, food, bar, talks, party and much more, in many places all around the house! All info on - We play on saturday jan 30th at the house, somewhere between 7 and 11pm - Flyer - Programm 1 - Programm 2
Jan 16 2010 @ Rauchhaus (Berlin)
Antirepression Soli - Many live acts and DJ sets - Rauchhaus (Mariannenplatz 1A, Kbg) - with Aniaetleprogrammeur (Machine Rock), Platz Blanche (Electro Glam Rock), DJ Neckbreaka (Hardcore Swing), Tekno23 and Captain More Gain + Cyberrise DJs: YaYa, Geheimrat L and TaOuch - VJs Oginoknauss - See video player! - Flyer
Oct 11 2009 @ Schnarup-Thumby (Berlin)
Soliparty for the KNOT association - Schnarup-Thumby (Scharnweberstr. 38) - 6 (yes, six) live acts: Aniaetleprogrammeur (Machine Rock), Pink Holy Days (Techno Punk Industrial), 6.R.M.E. (Abstract & Dark Hip Hop), Dawamesk (Dark Ambient Noise), Axel Pflinger (Experimental Dark Guitar), Confus (not so dark, uh?)
*** Shows start at 8pm!! *** - Flyer
Sep 10 2009 @ Abstand (Berlin)
RESISTENCIA! Bogotrax Meeting Berlin 2009 - plenty of live acts, performances, workshops, but also conferences & films from Sept 9th to 13th --> Rigaer in da place on Thursday! We play at the Abstand (Rigaer 78) with Animal Cops and Mädchenverstärker
Download full program here and get more info on X-TRACTOR website - Flyer
Sep 05 2009 @ Schnarup-Thumby (Berlin)
Soli for the FISCHLADEN! - Schnarup-Thumby (Scharnweberstr. 38) - with The Tunk, Rat-C and Konik Polny - Flyer
Aug 12 2009 @ Knochenbox (Berlin)
Tales from the Crypt - Knochenbox @ the Kapelle (Boxhagener Str. 99 - Fhain). Live show & party also transmitted on (23:00 CET) directly from stage - Flyer
Jul 25 2009 @ Sommerfest (Drenkow)
Sommerfest by Marianne with tons of other stuff...
Jun 19 2009 @ Rauchhaus (Berlin)
NoPUNK - NoDRUM - NoCORE by X-Tractor - with Kruburn, the Tunk, Nerf, Yann Keller among others...
See video player! - Flyer
May 29 2009 @ Rauchhaus (Berlin)
KNOT Festival - Subdivision of the International Print & Performance Festival 2009 organized by the Czentrifuga - with Olaf Rupp & Edoardo Maraffa, Yann Keller and Lise N - Flyer
May 16 2009 @ Tacheles (Berlin)
Kombustion Espontanea - Live Xtreaming Session!
See video player! - Flyer
Oct 18 2008 @ Finerip (Berlin)
Mieke's Birthday Party! - w. Aniaetleprogrammeur & Platz Blanche
Sep 12 2008 @ Squ'Art (Berlin)
Soli against cold asses in winter time - with Platz Blanche, Yann Keller, Duo Vendetta, Nerf and many others... - Flyer
Aug 08 2008 @ MIKZ (Berlin)
Luigi & Alicja's Wedding
Jul 12 2008 @ Sommerfest Adalbertstr. 32 (Berlin)
Jun 12 2008 @ Squ'Art (Berlin)
Squ'Art Opening Party - with a bunch of bands & performances - Flyer
Jun 06 2008 @ Fischladen (Berlin)
Soli for the Squ'Art - Flyers...